Sourcing from multiple suppliers, keeping tabs on inventory and managing resources is never easy. Our work with international clients across continents combines with our expertise in determining the best way to leverage on technology and applications. We have invested in multiple solutions that help us connect to your supply chain and give you a high level of visibility at every stage.

Supply chain visibility

Track & Trace integrates information from different stages of the shipping trajectory. Search and view shipping documents, containers and cargo in transit, with real-time insight into your orders, bookings, and container loads. Our system integrates with Shipper, Document Management, Reporting and include a mobile app too for ease of access.

Event Based Updates

The entire end-to-end processes are supported with insight into exception management, ability to upload purchase orders, integrate with other back-end systems making this one a stop solution for all your products.

Vendor connectivity solutions/e-booking and documentation

An in-house web-based e-tool provides documentation and tracking support for vendors to enter new bookings and manage existing ones, view purchase orders, track the status of bookings and shipments, prepare draft FCRs (forwarder’s cargo receipt), submit container load results and create commercial invoices and packing lists in customized formats.

Electronic data interchange (EDI) and bar-coding capabilities

In addition, we manage EDI transactions of different customer specific requirements. We support standard and customized EDI solutions to transfer information electronically at numerous points during the shipment process. We are able to support barcode scanning, printing and labelling.