Logistics Solutions

Own and Contracted Facilities

Bonded/Unbonded Cargo Storage

Round the clock Monitoring


When brand protection is top of mind

Much of supply chain integrity is dependent on effective warehousing and storage solutions. With a mix of common user and dedicated facilities, we are able to give you a list of options to choose from for short term and long-term contracts. Brand protection and monitoring drive every aspect of investment in this area and our goal is to provide solutions that are cost-effective, secure, and efficient for every cargo type.


When the right tools and right expertise comes together

If you’re outsourcing your supply chain, then you need access the right expertise for advisory, design, planning and delivery backed by versatile and flexible solutions. Our value addition services cover temperature-controlled facilities, dangerous goods handling and high value cargo movements as well as general cargo making us your ‘go-to- option for third party logistics services in Bangladesh.

Inventory Management

In Storage, On Route and Delivered

When your needs are more than just storage, then Origin Solutions inventory management solution is tailored to take the stress of order management and dispatch while maintaining the highest standards in cargo handling. We integrate technology to ensure visibility of all received and dispatched cargo taking ownership to manage this entire process on your behalf and even pushing reminders when stocks are low or need replenishment.